Every breath is a new beginning... at Euroluce, Salone del Mobile – Milano 2023

Euroluce, Salone del Mobile – Milano 2023 was our stage to let the World read the first pages of the new Serip chapter, marked by the new brand image and the launch of new collections.

This year our presence at Euroluce, Salone del Mobile – Milano had an even more special taste. It marked one of the most important page turns in Serip's magical story that has been written since 1961. Just like books, life is made of multiple chapters with an incalculable number of pages, where each page represents a new challenge, a new opportunity to rewrite the story. Passing through several chapters, on a beautiful journey, the time has come for Serip to turn the page and give way to a renewal of its identity, giving life to a new beginning.

We marked our presence at Euroluce by refleting the stage we are at and leaving an important message for those who visited us. In this way, we were inspired once again by Nature, by its ability to constantly readapt to changes in the ecosystem, by the way it responds to adversity, passing through various stages giving rise to new forms of life, embracing darkness and seeing and seeing the bright side in chaos - the true meaning of resilience. Thus that, we transposed this duality between light and darkness, life and death to our stand, exhibiting them as two opposing forces that complement each other, define balance and, together, become harmony.

The new collections also came to support this concept. The Origin Collection represents beauty in the midst of chaos by illuminating what we thought was dead, lifeless, portraying Nature wanting to resurge. The Dandelion Collection is based on the life cycle of the dandelion, on the importance of passing and overcoming the various stages of life so that we are able to fly and embark on new opportunities. The Rebirth of the Voa Collection reflects the arrival of spring through small newborn branches intertwining with their own space, merging with nature itself as they grow, while minute swallows come to life, emerging delicately between the pieces.

We wanted to demonstrate that, like Nature, Serip is a cyclical being that has the ability to die and and reborn many times over this lifetime, accepting each end as a chance for a new opportunity. Because, just like every turn of the page, every breath is a new beginning!

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