This time, we sparkled the things up at Decorex 2023

This time we sparkled the things up at Decorex 2023, embarking, once again, on a journey to ignite the extraordinary.

In this remarkable year of 2023, we celebrated a significant milestone as we embarked on an exhilarating expedition into a new chapter of our existence, affectionately named "Every Breath is a New Beginning." At the heart of this fresh chapter, we unveiled our captivating concept that, in perfect harmony with Serip's essence, embraces the idea of renewal, transformation, and the natural life cycle.

The presence at Decorex was undoubtedly an important mark, a bridge to unveil this new concept and the 3 new collections to London and to the rest of the world.

The Origem collection, welcoming a novel element, the portuguese marble, embodies the essence of resilience embracing the improbable, appreciating beauty without denying chaos, originating life and light in the unexpected. Stepping into the next spotlight was the rebirth of the Voa collection, now rejuvenated with the introduction of a living element, the presence of plants. This infusion of nature brought a fresh, organic dimension to the collection, emphasizing the importance of renewal and growth. Lastly, the Dandelion collection, offering a poetic reflection on the profound significance of life's various phases. Just as the dandelion transforms from a delicate bloom into a resilient seed head, this collection venerates the beauty of change and the unwavering resilience that accompanies life's transitions, accepting the unknown and believing in the possibility of a new beginning, where every breath is a second chance!

Being at a giant exhibition like Decorex, is a pleasure that never loses its magic, the thrill of watching peoples reactions as they walk in our stand. The sparkle in the eyes and the ear-to-ear smile that grace their faces are the true alchemy of our art. It's as if every piece is a spell, every creation a charm, patiently awaiting the moment to ignite the spark of wonder within every single soul. In every visit, in every smile, in every moment of admiration, we find our hearts fulfilled, knowing we've added a touch of enchantment to your journey.
Thank you London!

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