Care and Safety Information

Care and Safety Information

Make sure that when purchasing a product from Serip, you read carefully all the instructions for assembly, installation and handling of the item, which are delivered with the item purchased.
Serip pieces are only covered by the warranty when the instructions are properly followed. Serip is not responsible for any type of damage caused by the improper use of the articles. Serip underlines the importance of having its articles installed by qualified and certified professionals.

Use support and fixation systems that are in accordance with the application mode, measures and weight of the article.
Use appropriate tools for installation as indicated in the instructions.

Before starting the article installation process, make sure that the electricity in the area in the circuit you are going to work on is turned off. Turning off the power using the light switch is not enough to prevent electrical discharges.
Make sure that the articles do not come into contact with damp or electrically conductive surfaces.
Connect the line, neutral and ground wires with the corresponding electrical point where the item will be installed.
To avoid damage to the hidden wiring during installation, determine the direction of the power cable before drilling the fixing holes. Make sure that the installation wires are not damaged by the fixing screws.
Keep wires and connections away from any source of heat. Use the sleeves to cover the main supply wiring.
If the external flexible cable of the article is damaged, it must be replaced only and exclusively by the manufacturer, the installer or another equally qualified professional, in order to avoid any type of danger.
Make sure you always use the correct lamp type and do not exceed the maximum allowed power. This information is indicated by the label attached to each article.
Do not handle the lamp when the item is on, turn it off and wait for it to cool down about 15 minutes. To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or personal injury, always unplug the item and allow it to cool before replacing any lamps. Do not look directly at the light source. Keep flammable materials away from the light bulb as it can reach high temperatures during the process.
Do not install articles with any type of worn or damaged material, until it is replaced. Contact the manufacturer as soon as possible.
ATTENTION: To avoid the risk of overheating, NEVER COVER THE ITEM.

Due to the nature of our hand-applied finishes, soft, dry cloth or static duster should be used to clean the articles.
Always avoid the use of chemicals or abrasives, as they can cause damage to the finish of the articles.

Cleaning is limited to external surfaces, lampshades or glass. It is important to ensure that no moisture comes in contact with electrical components.
Please contact our technical department if in doubt.

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