Quality Policy

Certification and Quality System

Certification and Quality System:
Certification and Quality System:

Mario J. Pires Lda, as the owner of the brand SERIP, considers as it’s basic principles of management:

Design and manufacture of decorative lighting fixtures and decorative elements; with a high level of quality, so that the satisfaction of the requirements of the client, as well as those the legally established and the self-imposed by the organization are assured.

Therefore, all employees and collaborators of Mario J. Pires Lda must adhere and must comply with the following requirements:
- Comply with international, national, regional or local regulations and whenever possible, go beyond the requirements that the organization subscribes.
- Implement an integrated quality management system, and continuous improvement of the behaviour and effectiveness of the integrated management system.
- Commitment to satisfy all the requirements of our customers, and obtain a maximum level of satisfaction from our customers as well as commitment to prevent pollution.
- Raise awareness among all staff members and employees regarding the need to achieve: 

  • A high level of quality, through their familiarization with the documentation on the integrated quality management system.
  • Correct management and application of the international manufacturing standards used in our designs.
  • Strict compliance with the regulations and specifications of the products and / or materials used in the manufacture of our products.

The quality policy of Mario J. Pires Lda is a statement of its intentions and principles, which provide a global framework for the establishment of quality objectives and goals. Mario J. Pires Lda also undertakes to organize, develop and monitor the programs and / or actions that are necessary in the company for the implementation of the system (in accordance with the international standard UNE EN ISO 9001) that must be assumed by all internal and external stakeholders thereof, in order to achieve the goal that have been set.

This Quality policy will be reviewed, communicated to all employees and made available to all its internal and / or external stakeholders.

Moinhos da Funcheira, Amadora on July 15, 2019.

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